ballarat rail line upgrade

Removal of asbestos debris and infrastructure along rail corridor as part of rail line redevelopment project. Reactive (on-call) cleanup of asbestos finds as demolition and excavation works progress.

All personnel hold Rail Industry Worker (RIWC) accreditation and Metro Rail/V-Line inductions.

citylink-tulla widening project

Excavation and disposal of asbestos cement pipework and telecommunications/services pits. Environmental cleaning and encapsulation of asbestos pits to allow for essential services installation.

Reactive (on-call) cleanup of asbestos finds as demolition and excavation works progress.

dept. of education asbestos in schools program

Removal of friable asbestos products, asbestos cement sheeting, asbestos flues, window insulation, removal and disposal of asbestos containing furniture, filing cabinets and safes, asbestos contaminated soil remediation, lead paint treatment and removal.

Reactive maintenance (make safe) and programmed removal as part of Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) asbestos in schools program.

the mt eliza centre - peninsula health

Remediation works to entire site. Removal of friable and non-friable asbestos products to multiple buildings. Internal and external demolition and making safe of damaged and dangerous areas.

Full site management including site security and patrols, essential services connections, and community engagement.

Melbourne airport terminal 2 project

Removal of asbestos insulation and vermiculite pods, removal of SMF insulation and cleaning of ceiling tiles, removal of debris and dusts within ceiling space and column casings, demolition and disposal of column casings and framework, removal of asbestos from top brackets and within column casings, removal of lead paint.

Royal hobart hospital project

Removal of asbestos throughout hospital site as part of early works packages of Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment. Removal of friable and non-friable asbestos.

Hospital has remained operational throughout asbestos works.

carlton & united breweries

Removal of approximately 7,000m2 of asbestos cement sheet roofing, removal of asbestos sprayed to structural steel work/beams, pipe lagging, vinyl tiles and adhesive, and reactive maintenance.

optus house - 367 collins street

Removal of friable sprayed limpet asbestos from soffit, removal of sprayed asbestos to structural steelwork, cleaning of vertical shafts, internal demolition.

cascade brewery - hobart

Removal of amosite asbestos lagging to brewery boilers. Involved the construction of scaffolding over the Hobart Rivulet to enable removal works.

museum victoria - former aci glass site

Asbestos abatement and demolition to multiple buildings on large site, for future development by Museum Victoria/Science Works. Included asbestos cement sheet roofing (approximately 15,500m2), asbestos rope to window seals, asbestos vinyl tiles and contaminated soil.

Eastern hill fire station

Removal of friable limpet asbestos, non-friable asbestos cement sheet (240m2), removal of vinyl tiles and adhesive through grinding.

eastlands shopping centre - tasmania

Removal and disposal of asbestos containing vinyl tiles under floor screed, removal of limpet asbestos residue to roof trusses, removal and replacement of asbestos roof to shopping centre.